In 2003, even though I couldn’t speak any English and he couldn’t speak any Portuguese, I met this amazing man. Dr. Kevin Strauss went to Brazil to lecture for couple of MSUD families. Our friendship grew when I came to the USA in 2004 for a symposium in Atlanta GA. In 2005 I was back in the USA and we just solidify our friendship.

The Clinic for Special Children on its own has an amazing story of compassion and care for those who have no chance of a normal life. In the middle of nowhere this amazing place is full of experts in metabolic disorders; these experts do not only change kids lives, they change family lives. The commitment with their community is beyond explanation. Dr. Holmes Morton, Dr. Kevin Strauss and their team are doing a job that will be spoken for generations.

The Clinic for Special Children Played a very important role in my Sweet Odyssey and I am encouraging you to be part of this mission. In helping other kids, you will feel the pleasure.

In 2005 The New York Times published an article called A Doctor for the Future. Reading this article, you will understand better about Dr. Morton history and The Clinic for Special Children goals.

Thank you very much for you support

By: Idario Santos

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