All over the world, kids are dying from Inborn Error of Metabolism (IEM), due to the lack of  information and monitoring equipment. Supported by The Clinic for Special Children we are committed to gain better knowledge, provide treatment protocols and much more  IEM research to better support doctors and families.

In Brazil, the incidence rate for IEM is 1 / 800 live births. Brazil is far behind in providing the minimum care for IEM children. Changing this chaotic scenario to better help the IEM living kids and the ones that will be born is our main goal.

Based on the same principles as The Clinic for Special Children and inspired by Dr. Kevin Strauss, we are developing a project to open a clinic for IEM in Brazil.

I invite you to be part of our mission. To learn more about our mission and  how you can save a life, please visit our missionary website. Click here

Thank you very much

Idario Santos

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