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Hi Everyone,                                                                                            Português

I am Idario Santos, married to my wonderful Soraya Carvalho; we have two amazing kids – Vinicius and Artur. Together we are the Santos Family.

In 2004 we found doctors in the US who could provide a cure for MSUD, a rare disease that was threatening our youngest son’s life. In 2005 my family left our home in Brazil and moved to  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Ever since, we have been living in this amazing city.

I want to help children suffering from MSUD and other Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM).  My book, A Sweet Odyssey, tells the story of our journey.  I hope reading it will inspire you to join our mission.

The book is about to be released. Please check back often to stay updated.

I also invite you to view our photo and video gallery, subscribe to my blog, and post any comments you have.

Thank you,

Idario Santos